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Surfing in Langebaan is far removed the glamour sport that you are used to on TV. Laid back and steeped in West Coast traditions, our surfers can guide you on how to catch a wave “westcoast style” that is, with an 8 foot long board and a short wet suit. We can sort you out with just the right gear to get into the mix.

Langebaan is the undisputed windsurfing champion spot of Africa. We can help you get set-up with your gear and you can set off and sail for as long as you want.

Langebaan offers some of the best rowing, kayaking and canoeing you can ever hope to encounter. We can arrange for all the equipment you need, give you advice on where to go, and best of all, you can set off from our doorstep!

Right next door to Friday Island is the Cape Sports Centre where you can rent all the Kite Surfing equipment you need.

There are numerous diving spots along the West Coast where you can catch the best crayfish in the world, see unique underwater life, and experience diving at its most enjoyable.

Visit our Restaurant with a laid back West Coast feel. Robinsoncruisethru, our feel-good venue with the best spot on the lagoon, has our resident chef Mark to thank for its fine West Coast fare.
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There are some great restaurants in Langebaan. We can show you the way to the best spots, or you can make a short trip to Robinsoncruisethru, our in-house restaurant with the best view in the world. Mark, our world-class chef, will ensure the food is as spectacular as the view.

The Region
Visit the Westcoast National Park and Langebaan.
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